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The Hillingdon Centre for Independent Living


Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Can we issue free equipment?

If we have assessed you and you meet the criteria, we can issue equipment, free of charge.

Do we sell or hire out equipment?

No, but we can advise you where to visit or who to contact regarding buying or hiring equipment or furniture.

How do I refer to HCIL?

You can refer yourself, or you can refer a family member or friend, if you have their permission.

How long is an assessment?

We allow 45 minutes for an assessment.  If there is only one thing you need advice on e.g. toilet frames, it will be a lot less.  If you think you are going to need longer, please let us know when booking the appointment, and we will try to accommodate you.

Do we do home visits?

The initial assessment is usually carried out at HCIL.  Following this, we may need to visit you at home e.g. to measure where a grab rail needs to be fitted.

Do we have mobility scooters?

No, we do not have mobility scooters, but we can research information for you if you need it.

Do we provide advocacy support or advice on welfare benefits?

No, but we will signpost you to organisations that do.

Can we help with Disabled Facilities Grants for major adaptations to the home?

Yes, if you have had an assessment and the Occupational Therapist recommends that you need major adaptations to your home, through a Disabled Facilities Grant, she will complete the necessary paperwork and pass it to the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Is there parking available at HCIL?

Yes, there are 8 disabled parking spaces for blue badge holders.  If you do not have a blue badge, but are not able to walk from a parking space in the surrounding roads, please let us know.

Can you advise what type of chair would be suitable for me?

Yes, we have ‘high back’ chairs and riser recliner chairs for people to try.  We can also measure you to advise what size chair you need and what features you would benefit from. We do not supply or sell high back chairs.

Do HCIL provide ramps?

On occasions we can provide short portable ramps (suitable for a low step).  We do not supply ‘threshold’ ramps or permanent or semi-permanent ramps, but can give information about ramp suppliers and if applicable can assess for permanent concrete ramps through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

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